Cory Alexander Wilson

Cory Alexander Wilson


tl;dr – I make shit happen.

For the past 14 years, I have worked across sectors with social innovators, entrepreneurs, and communities throughout the U.S. and in 30+ countries. My early career focused on the intersection of social causes, design, and story—primarily to create partnerships, raise capital, or increase sales. More recently, I’ve been working with small businesses and organizations to build foundations for longterm growth, streamline and automate digital systems, and to train teams to communicate and work effectively, together.

I’m particularly proud of my tenure as Board President of a mixed-income community in Washington, DC where my wife and I lived. It was there that I furthered my interest in community engagement, asset planning, and the built environment. That experience, combined with over a decade of interrelated work, has led me to begin development of a market solution for mixed-income, mixed-use, multi-family housing. To this end, I am immersing myself in the fields of development, architecture, and construction.

Regardless of sector — I am always looking for opportunities that will continue to challenge me as a professional while working alongside innovative and thoughtful people. Please contact me for opportunities related to real estate development, housing, and entrepreneurship.


Living and Travels

Top 7 locations in days
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Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018

In 2018, I rode 1,266 mi in 94h over 70 rides. You were likely to find me leaving at 1:29 PM for a 16.5 mi ride which will typically take 1hr 12m at an average pace of 13.6 mph. My top speed was 43.8 mph.


And, I love taking photographs when I travel places.

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