The Art of Action: Ashoka's Youth Venture in North Central Massachusetts

Everyone understands that today’s youth are our future; but what if we empower them to “be the now”? That’s where Youth Venture turns rhetoric into action.

Over the past ten years, through a partnership with United Way and Mount Wachusett Community College in North Central Massachusetts, the Youth Venture program has provided thousands of young people with the tools they need to transform their passion into practice, and use their skills toward community change.

In celebration of this multi-faceted Youth Venture partnership, our team was invited to create this video series. Rather than a singular documentary, these micro- documentaries explore the Youth Venture experience from each stakeholder perspective, creating a dynamic series which can be presented to any audience across any platform.

These stories effectively prove what Youth Venture already knows – with a little guidance and investment, young people can and will transform themselves, their communities, and the world.



Cory Wilson – Director / Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

Alex DeTurk – Recordist / Engineer

Michael Thurber – Composer

Elise Bish – Production Assistant

Kumar Raj – Youth Venture

April Brewer – Youth Venture