Free Custom Poetry

Free Custom Poetry is the story of a friend.

Our film was awarded official selection at the Washington West Film Festival, DC Short Film Festival, and Anchorage Film Festival; and was featured in the First Look reel opening weekend of The Hunger Games and Star Wars.



Dec 18, 2015 – We just got word that Free Custom Poetry played before Star Wars and the Hunger Games! Keep an eye out!

Oct 23, 2015 – Free Custom Poetry plays at Washington West Film Festival today and tomorrow at 5:00 pm, at Bow Tie Cinemas (Reston, VA)! Come and watch!

Oct 21, 2015 – A hat trick for Free Custom PoetryAnchorage International Film Festival has been 'officially selected' FCP for this years film festival.

Aug 11, 2015 – We are once again proud to announce that Free Custom Poetry has received 'Official Selection' at the Washington West Film Festival. It will play on the big screen this fall.

Jul 1, 2015 – We are super excited to announce that Free Custom Poetry has received its first laurels! We will be making our initial film festival debut at the DC Short Film Festival this summer.

Jun 15, 2015 – Thanks to our friends at the DC Short Film Festival, Free Custom Poetry has been licensed by Spotlight Cinema Networks to appear before some of your favorite movies this holiday season. We are so proud to have our film potentially seen by millions of people in the United States.




Cory Wilson – Director / Producer / Cinematographer

Justin Gutwein – Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

Alex DeTurk – Audio Engineer

Alfonso Velez – Composer