Beyond Addiction: A New Community Model for Treating Chronic Disease

If we’re going to change how we treat addiction in the United States, our communities need new solutions for long-term recovery.

Face It TOGETHER is doing just that. They’re addressing the chronic nature of addiction by building a new community-wide model to change virtually everything we think and do surrounding addiction. With this ecosystem of support, Face it TOGETHER has been partnering with healthcare providers, supporting individuals, building workplace programs, and setting up powerful peer-to-peer coaching programs. These innovative solutions have already contributed to a healthier Sioux Falls, SD; and their expansion into new communities across the U.S.

In the summer of 2013, our team had the opportunity to capture the journeys’ and perspectives of their community of stakeholders. With these stories, Face It TOGETHER is continuing to build a movement across the United States, foster greater support for those effected by the disease, and create a deeper understanding of how to fight stigma and other barriers within communities. 



Cory Wilson – Director / Producer / Cinematographer

Damel Dieng – Editor

Alex DeTurk – Recordist / Audio Engineer

Alfonso Velez – Composer

Elise Bish – Production Assistant

Pauline Mikó – Assistant Videographer

Erika Batcheller – Face It TOGETHER