Transcending Boundaries: Perspectives from the Central Albertine Rift Transfrontier Protected Area Network

The second episode of Transcending Boundaries turns our focus to East Africa, to the intersection of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. It explores the geographic, socio-political and ecological issues of the region through a diverse range of stakeholders, each of whom play a critical role in conservation within this biodiversity hotspot. It also discusses the impact of insecurity in the region and the ongoing collaboration to improve transboundary environmental conservation.



Mar 19, 2013 – This episode received Official Selection and premiered at The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital followed by a panel discussion.



Cory Wilson – Director / Producer / Videographer / Editor

Alex DeTurk – Audio Engineer

Gabriel Pulido – Composer

Todd Walters – International Peace Park Expeditions

Elaine Hsaio