Harwood Systems and Strategy


The Harwood team recognized they needed a better way to work together if they were going to create community change at a scale we all need.

That's why they asked us to evolve the way they do business.

We're currently building their new digital foundation, streamlining communications, improving financial systems, automating processes, and generally doing all the things you dread even thinking about.

Think: Systems and operations with a dash of change management, design, communications, and one-on-one workshops.




Stay tuned.



December – Redesigned and updated the Institute's Partner Guidebook.
November – Automated expense reporting.
October – Developed technology reinvestment plan.
September – Developed faster and more accurate financial reporting tools.
August – Successfully migrated the Institute from Office 365 to Google Apps with no downtime or loss of data.
July – Reduced budget spending on software by almost 50% over the next year.
June – Began the process of office culture change largely through the introduction of Slack.