Townhomes on Capitol Hill – Board

Over the past few years, I worked to set Townhomes on Capitol Hill on a path toward long-term sustainability with our board and community.

Board President, 2016.09–2017.11
Board Vice President, 2016.01–2016.09
Board Member, 2015.06–12

I lead the development of a 50-year capital investment plan: including projecting revenue for cyclical asset investment and upgrade strategies; interior and exterior renovations; addition of a 425 kWh solar array; capital reserve and investment forecasting, cost-reducing operational recommendations and adjustments, and acquisition of significant reserve funding.

The board and I also created solutions to recurrent operational, legal, financial, and ongoing community business. Policies were updated and reworded for accessibility and transparency. We reduced structural inefficiencies, addressed turnover, and eliminated unnecessary procedures.