Audrey McCall Waterfront Park and Swim House [concept]


[ This project is part of a small body of work created during an accredited Architecture Studio at Portland State University ]

Project Goal:  Design and model a swim house and waterfront for Portlanders to connect with the Willamette River.

Duration:  10 days

Quick Facts:

  • The Audrey McCall Waterfront Park and Swim House concept is a response to a mix of current use cases, the ecological legacy of the McCall’s, and the industrial history of Portland’s central east side. Audrey McCall was the former First Lady of Oregon and wife to ‘legendary’ Governor Tom McCall.
  • The entrance procession—starting at the intersection of SE Water Ave. and SE Clay St.—features cobblestone punctuated by steel rail tracks, cement patterned from the design nearby industrial windows, locally quarried stone, and wood from native trees. The six arches are proportioned to warehouse windows and spread across the park according to the golden ratio (or Devine Proportion), with the last “arch” defining the end of the pier.
  • The second movement of the procession features tree stumps acting as tables and platforms for a variety of uses—a nod to Stumptown’s origins. A small pond and local grasses force their way into our path while the freeway pillars are transformed into impossibly large trees. The esplanade’s existing bike and pedestrian path cuts through the wood of the pier as we approach our destination.
  • The Swim House reflects the industrial architecture of the area and contains two offices, common workspace, a large community area, and private deck for events/programming; the docks remain open to the public. The building also features a green roof which filters rain water into a storage tank for a waterbottle refilling station.

Final Site Model

7"x22" – 1/32" = 1'


Final Waterfront Orthographics

Handmade; 1/32" = 1'


Final Swim House Orthographics

Handmade; 1/8" = 1'


Process Documentation

Concept Sketches and In-Progress Photodocumentation