Cory A. Wilson

I help entrepreneurs businesses organizations nonprofits boards teams communities launch, grow, and succeed.

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I help people validate and build thriving businesses.

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I help entrepreneurs evolve and optimize their operations.

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I help teams master their systems and tools.


I created Portland’s most innovative precision hair studio by designing a model which equitably balances real wages, retention, and profitability.


I led the modernization of all business operations, developed custom training programs, onboarded staff, and augmented key positions.


I created and implemented strategies focused on longterm financial resilience, capital improvements, community services, and innovative investments – for an entire city block.


Cory A. Wilson

Consultant / TRAINER

I work with small businesses and organizations to build foundations for longterm growth, streamline and automate systems, and train teams to communicate and work effectively, together. 

And, I’m always looking to work with exceptional people.

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I'd love to help you do what you do, better. smarter. easier. faster.